Snoring is the replication of a noisy breath by the body during the hour of sleep. It is a popular disorder associated with sleep and it affects all ages of both the gender of male and female. Approximately research has proven that snoring affects one-third of the American adult population and at a total of 35 million people on a daily basis.

The main time of which snoring takes place is during the night time when the people try to get from sleep from all their strenuous day or work tasks. Similarly, it has been proven by research that male and female who have overweight problems are more likely to snore during the night time during sleeping hours. But it is more associated with men who have an overweight problem than the women.


What this means is that the issue of snoring is more common with the men than the women. How this estimated number is gotten is through the complaint made by the men about how they snore more than the women. Snoring has no serious consequence or medical concern but it is more likely to improve as the victim gets older.

The only problem associated with the snoring itself is the fact that it can cause an interruption in the victims sleep as well as that of the victim's partner if they are both sleeping on the same bed. The unpleasant sound the snoring produces can make a person who is suffering from the sound of it lose a long hour of contented sleep and could lead to a sleep deprivation in some cases as well. .

The soring can lead to what the medical expert’s term as a disjointed and un-refreshing sleep which is capable of affecting the daytime performance of the victim and the victimized which is shown by the tiredness or sleepiness during the daytime activities. This type of symptoms as well can be attributed to being a symptom which can be found in people who have a heart disease and experience a daytime dysfunction.

A report has shown that about a one-half of people who experience the unpleasant snoring do have or suffer from the sleeping disorder known as sleep apnea. Which is, while the victimized sleeps the muscles of the throat relaxes, the victim tongue falls backward and the victim's throat becomes narrow and the tongue becomes floppy as well. Then as the person breathes the walls of the person’s throat begins to vibrate and when the person breathes in, also the person in this stage breathes out to a lesser extent as well.

What these vibrations lead to is to the characteristic sound of the victim snoring and the narrower the person airways becomes then the more the sound of the vibration and the louder the sound of the victim snoring. In this same phrase some things are meant to happen and sometimes it can come as a collapse in the wall of the throat which produces a type of osculation, leading to the situation of sleep apnea in the victim as well.

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Sleep apnea can as well be called the cessation of breathing during the sleeping time. This is a serious medical condition which needs medical therapy and if this is prolonged for a long time it could lead to suffocation and death if not treated properly. There are several factors which facilitate snoring and they are the standard aging process, the anatomical abnormalities which is commonly associated with the throat and the nose of the victim, enlarged or expanded tonsils, nasal polyps, deviated nasal septum can also cause snoring and this is caused by an exaggerated slandering of the throat during the sleep and this would lead to a snoring process.

In a case of practical abnormalities, the inflammation of the throat or the nose which can occur as a result of respiratory infection can lead to a snoring problem and also, the sleeping position the person chooses when he sleeps can lead to a snoring problem as well. Alcohol ingestion has been known to lead to snoring problem, this is because alcohol is an effective strength relaxant and if it is taken or ingested during the evening hours, it can cause snoring problems. Strength or muscle relaxants which are taken in the evening can lead to a snoring problem and it could even deteriorate snoring in many individuals. One of the most vital factors which can pose a risk to the issue of snoring is a person who is obese. They are bound to have a snoring problem more because they have tissues around the neck which can hinder air flow through their throats and lungs.

Some people who snore do make vibrating sounds, which may sound rusty, noisy or chainsaw during the sleeping hours. This sometimes could be associated with sleep apnea and so it must not be taken lightly if such a case is experienced it is necessary to seek a medical doctor expertise of what to do to stop the snoring problem. There is also a host of anti snoring devices , which one could purchase to ease on the problem of snoring. The types of symptoms which one may encounter during snoring are: Excessive daytime migraine/ headache, daily or morning headaches, recent or new weight gains, waking in the morning without having satisfactory sleep, waking up at night with a confused thought, changes association with the level of memory, attention, or even concentration, observation in the breathing which comes as pauses.

There is similarly a host of ways of which these can be treated and because many snorers are unaware or not mindful of their snoring issues, they must rely on the observation of their sleeping partners or observers. Some people who snore wake up at night with choking or gasping for breath, but this is not a common thing as it only occurs in some cases. There is a need to adhere to the information listed in the symptoms aforementioned if you have been advised of you having a snoring problem. A good way of taking the right step is by taking all the observations brought to you into record and consult on a personal test to see if you truly have the aforementioned symptoms if the answer is yes, there is a need to consult a medical expert for advice and treatment.